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I am Andrea Ghoneim, working at the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technologies at Danube University Krems (Austria). My work is mainly devoted to research for the EU funded projects ATS2020EUROPORTFOLIO and EUfolio!

Together with Gregor Pirker (technical expert of the IMB) I am administrator of this Mahara platform.

  • First name: Andrea
  • Last name: Ghoneim

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ATS2020: Assessment of Transversal Skills / Bewertung fächerübergreifender Fähigkeiten

In dieser Ansicht wurden Artikel uas dem ersten Jahr des Projekts ATS2020 (Assessment o...
assessment, transversal skills, formative assessment, lower secondary, K12, teacher CPD, assessment and technology, assessment tools, policy experimentation, Bewertung, fächerübergreifende Fähigkeiten, Kompetenzen, Bewertungswerkzeuge, Bildungstechnologie

ATS2020 - Tools and Technology: bibliography + research

Please note: This page won't be updated any more, starting with March 2016, as it has been set up...
ATS2020, ePortfolio, CMS, LMS, platforms, bibliography

ATS2020 - Work with "MyLearning"

Work with the Mahara Plugin "MyLearning" for the project ATS2020 (Assessment of Transversal Skills)
ATS2020, Mahara, EPortfolio, MyLearning

E-Portfolios für kompetenzorientiertes Lernen

zum gleichnamigen Vortrag auf der 9. eLearning Didaktik Fachtagung "eLearning und Neue Medien im ...

E-Portfolios und Mahara

Eine Mahara-Ansicht zu den Workshops "E-Portfolios und Mahara" und "Kompetenzorientiertes Lernen ...
Mahara, ePortfolio, e-portfolio, EUfolio, Kompetenzen, Kompetenzorientierung

EUfolio Generic Functional Specification

This ePortfolio view is devoted to the Generic Functional Specification of ePortfolios for EUfoli...

EUfolio im WWW - EUfolio on the web

eine Ansicht zu EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios mit Links zu Darstellungen des Projekts in ande...
ePortfolio, EUfolio, E-Portfolio, Schule, eLearning, classroom ePortfolios, lower secondary, Sekundarstufe I, Mahara, O365

EUfolio Mahara in 2015 - advanced use, dissemination and exploitation

In January 2015 we looked at the EUfolio Mahara statistics again. The platform became so popular ...

EUfolio Mahara: Set up, training, use

This collection gives an insight into the setup of, training with and use of Mahara by EUfolio pa...
EUfolio, ePortfolio, Mahara, lower secondary schools

EUfolio Mahara: Work on the ePortfolio platform in 2014

2014 was the time for the advanced use of Mahara - by more and more teachers and students. The IM...

EUfolio Process Specification

The EUfolio process specification was developed as a generic specification. The first draft was p...

EUfolio Quality Assurance Plan for Assessment Operations

This page shows the progress of EUfolio WP4 Deliverable 12 "Quality Assurance Plan for Assessment...

HTML (My Learning cycle)

this page (created by Amela Sambolić Beganović and Radovan Krajnc) shows an example, how a "My Le...

Kompetenzorientiertes Lernen mit E-Portfolios

Im EU-Projekt EUfolio - EU classroom ePortfolios werden E-Portfolios im Unterricht in der Sekunda...
eufolio, kompetenzentwicklung, medienkompetenz, ikt-kompetenz, e-portfolio, eportfolio

Learning Motivation through ePortfolios

A workshop with principals and teachers in the framework of the EU funded project EUfolio. On ...
EUfolio, workshop, platform development, teacher training, principals, ePortfolio, motivation

Mahara and me

this is just another page of my Mahara Experiences

Mahara and O365 as ePortfolio Solutions for Lower Secondary Schools

The project EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios helps lower secondary students (and teachers) to de...
EUfolio, partner meeting Cyprus, E-Portfolio, ePortfolio, school, assessment, teacher CPD, pilot experience

Mahara for Teachers

To give an idea how ePortfolios in EU classrooms can look like, I collected some case studies fro...
ePortfolio, Mahara, teaching, lower secondary

private_ATS2020 KickOff

some notes + starting an ePortfolio

Promoting 21st Century Skills with ePortfolios

First ePortfolio classroom usage examples and presentation of further piloting work at EUfolio pa...
ePortfolio, EUfolio, teacher training, teacher CPD, assessment

x_ATS2020: Assessment with Mahara

Collection of articles, slides, videos and other sources on different aspects of ePortfolio asses...
assessment, ePortfolio, transversal skills, ATS2020

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Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 30 July 2015, 11:13 AM

ATS2020 - Assessment of Transversal Skills (for lower secondary classrooms in Europe). Mahara page for information in German and English:

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 19 May 2015, 4:05 PM

Mahara as ePortfolio Platform for EUfolio: - Mahara collection as a timeline of from the project start in 2013 till its end in April 2015 - and with a perspective on continuing the work with the platform.

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 17 April 2015, 10:45 AM - ePortfolio of EUfolio's WP4 products: Pilot Design: Process Specification, Identification of Platform Requirements and Quality Assurance Guidelines for Assessment operations for ePortfolio implementation in Lower Secondary schools across Europe.

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 19 February 2015, 2:36 PM - page curating articles and news on EUfolio in German and English

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 09 October 2014, 4:12 PM

Report on the EUfolio partner meeting in Cyprus in English:

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 09 October 2014, 4:11 PM
Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 18 April 2014, 7:55 PM

Report on the EUfolio partner meeting in Ljubljana (15-16 April 2014):

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 10 April 2014, 2:41 PM

"Learning Motivation through ePortfolios" - a report on a workshop in Slovenia which made it to the Mahara newsletter :-)

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 08 October 2013, 4:21 PM

please do also visit my blog "Getting started with Mahara" at There, you will also find a more information about me.

Andrea Ghoneim's profile pictureAndrea Ghoneim - 04 October 2013, 10:13 AM

check out the showcase on "Mahara for Teachers" at