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Happy birthday images Check back the friendships you've knitted. Is it still there? Or you have forgotten it long before this. Working hard and walking the career path does not mean separating you from friendship. Some people say that being a leader is lonely; always doing anything by yourself. It is a towering tree that stands on its own. Low shrubs grow in bushes. So is the life you want to live? Not.

Do not confuse a career with the proper life. Friendship is a part of your life. Create friendships. You will feel how rich your life is. sharing sorrow with friends, can reduce sadness. Sharing happiness to friends, strengthening happiness.

Happy birthday images The wise say that a friend is one soul in a different body. And your closest friend is your family. Perhaps, that's why friends lighten your baban, because in friendship there is no calculation. There you learn to avoid things you do not agree to, and always look for things you agree on. That's also why friendship is power. As the saying goes, live without friends, die alone.

We do good, certainly not to expect something, because we realize that that's the role that must be played. It is our duty to remove the thorns on the road through, not only for fear of injuring us, but also for keeping the other walkers. So, although nobody thanks us for our good deeds, it does not discourage the goodness itself. So what is the meaning of a thank you, let goodness flow from our hands, and let our minds be free from the meritorious feelings. Happy birthday images

Be the one who is always optimistic and try to see the opportunity in every failure. Do not be pessimistic just seeing failure Click here at every opportunity. People are optimistic to see donuts, while pessimists see the holes only. You can develop the success of any failure. Despair and failure are the two stepping stones to success. There is no other element that is so valuable to you if only you would study and work it for you. Happy birthday images.

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